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JCKnitCal2 - Mobile Knitting in Your Pocket

JCKnitCal2 is an improved version of JCKnitCal, our free mobile knitting calculator.

JCKnitCal2 is an intuitively designed knitting counters or calculators application for your mobile hand phone that keeps track of 4 counters.

Designed to keep track of complicated knitting projects with multiple motifs and cable designs, JCKnitCal2 is especially useful for outdoor knitting. Check out JCKnitCal2 screenshotsand features.

JCKnitCal2 knitting calculators splash screen  

JCKnitCal2's Screenshots

Nokia N95 and Other Nokia phones screenshots


Nokia N95 Screenshot of Knitting Calculator Nokia N95 lists screenshot of JCKnitCal2 Kitting Calculator
Nokia N96 JCKnitCal2 Installation Screenshot

Installing JCKnitCal2 is like installing any Java phone application (jar).

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Example of Use:


If your knitting project coes with motifs, it is easy to use JCKnitCal2 to keep track of the stitches and rows.

Use Calc 1 to keep track of the rows by adding to it.In this case there are 20 rows to form a motif. For completion of every 20 rows to a pattern, add 1 to Calc 2 and reset Calc1.

In this way, you would be keeping track of both the number of pattern sets without losing count of the rows.

Remember to save the counts intermittently and at the end of each knitting session.

Ericsson W910i sreenshots

JCKnitCal 4 Knitting Calculators

Four calculators with individual add, less and reset functions.

Or reset all 4 calculators at once to start from fresh.

Menu functions of JCKnitCal2 knitting calculator

Save and update session to memory.

Session is store in phone memory even when JCKnitCal2 application is not in use.

The option to retrieve memory from previous session when you restart the application.

Retrieve previous session in JCKnitCal2 knitting calculators Retrieve memory from previous session to resume knitting project.
Add and update in JCKnitCal2 knitting calculator Save to add or update while JCKnitCal is running.
Install JCKnitCal2 onto mobile phone

Installing JCKnitCal2 is like installing any Java phone application (jar).

Purchase @ $2.90

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Functions and Features:




No. of Counters



Sessions Memory Funtions


Save, update and retrieve counters session




Download Format



File: Download Download

Installation Requirements

Run on Java MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1

Run on Java MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1

How to Install:

Install JCKnitCal2 is easy. Unzip the downloaded jar file. Place the jar file in a directory that you choose on your mobile phone memory. Invoke the file to install.