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Making Egyptian Papyrus

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During our trip to Egypt on the 4 December 2008, we visited a shop in Alexandria that sells papyrus paintings. We were introduced to the actual plant itself followed by a short demonstration on the making of papyrus.

papyrus painting in Alexandria Egyptpapyrus painting in Alexandria Egypt

The Papyrus Plant
Papyrus Plant

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How to make Papyrus:

The stem of the papyrus plant is cut lengthway The stem of the papyrus plant is cut lengthways into strips and soaked in water.
Soaking papyrus strips in water for days The strips are soaked in water for days.
Beaten papyrus strips to remove water Remove the strips from the water and beaten with a mallet to flatten them.
Use rolling bin on the papyrus strips to remove excess water Use the rolling pin to remove excess water and flatten the strips further.
Arrange papyrus strips to form a sheet Arrange and overlap the strips on a piece of fabric to form the sheet.
place the papyrus sheet between 2 pieces of fabric for pressing Place the papyrus sheet between two pieces of fabric for pressing.
mechanical press for the papyrus The papyrus sheet is kept pressed for days.
completed papyrus sheet under the light The final product.