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Fan Shaped Wind Chime

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The wind chime is created with two back-to-back fan panels. It takes seven envelopes traditionally know as hong bao to construct each panel. It is a Chinese custom to place money in hongbaos as gifts for children during Chinese New Year or on their birthdays. Bought these from a Japanese store. It depicts an image of the Japanese Lucky Cat (招财猫).

What You Need :

Double-sided Tape or Paper Glue
15 Small Red Envelopes (a.k.a. Red Hong Pao Packets)
Small Ornamental Bell
Scissor to cut the Tape
1 m long String
Plastic Ruler to smooth out the folds
Stapler & Staples

Step 1: Fold Lines

At the bottom edge of each envelope, make a horizontal fold of 1 cm onto the back . Next, make a fold across from the top left corner to the top edge of the horizontal fold. Create seven envelopes with these triangular folds on the right sides. Another seven with the triangular folds on the left. Both sets are exact mirror images of one another.

Step 2: Shape the Cone

Make the cone with the triangular fold line holding it together with double-sided tape or glue and fix it with a stapler if need to. Attach a length of double-sided tape as shown. Make seven of these with the cones on the right and another seven that hold the cones on the left.

Step 3 : Create the Fans

Remove the tapes and attach the seven envelopes together as shown. Secure the attachments with stapler if need to. Great, you've created 2 fan faces that mirrored each other.

Step 4: String It Up

Run a length of string through an envelope with the bell attached at the end and secure this to the fan faces, in between the front and back so that the string is hidden from view. From the back, attach and secure the fan panels together .