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Make a Paper Mache Mail Holder

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Make a Paper Mache Mail Holder, Craft Project
A paper mache or papier mache holder is considerably lighter than one made of wood although it can be equally hardy. Unlike wood, you do not need any picture hanging hardware, that means no unsightly nails and screws. Just need two 3M styled removable picture hanger strips to fix it to the wall.

Some Materials and Tools You Need:

Cardboard (from recycle old boxes and mail packages)
Masking Tape
Old Newspapers
Spray Paint
Craft or Wood Varnish
Paper glue or home made starch glue

I'll leave the dimensions and sizes to creative initiatives. Making the paper mache mail holder is so simple that you can easily alter the size to suit your need.

How I did it:

Make Paper Mache Mail Holder on Step 1

Make Paper Mache Mail Holder on Step 2

The first thing to do is to create the form from cardboards. Cut a rectangle from the cardboard. At the upper edge, make two notches, each about 20 mm from the corners. The notches create the contact points for 3M picture hangers that go to stick onto the wall.

The width of the board will be the width of the finished project. Divide the board in sections (see pictures above). Cut out the pieces that form the sides of the holder. The sections will be folded with the side pieces attached to create the form of the paper mache mail holder. To hold the shape together, use a few strips of masking tape at the edges. You do not need a lot of these as the entire surface will be covered by newspapers.

Apply paper mache technique. Glue strips of newspapers all over the form of the mail holder and cover it completely. I applied three layers for mine. When it is dried about a day later, paint it, decorate it and varnish it. With another three layers of wood varnish, it is as tough as any wood.