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Handbag with Chinese Prints

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  Handbag with Chinese Prints, Craft Project


- Grey twill (enough for bag, front pocket, strap and strap patches)
- Chinese brocade fabric (same length as bag's width, 8 cm in height inclusive of seam allowance)
- Lining Fabric (front and back)
- Zip for top opening
- Small magnetic snap button for front pocket
- Interface (front and back, another the same size as the Chinese brocade fabric)


Did not have one initially, I have sewn a few in different sizes. Depending on how much fabric you have, you can do a rough estimate and made one in another size as it is not difficult to alter the size without changing the technique.

Step 1:

With the interface attached, fold the Chinese brocade fabric in half lengthwise. Also fold the 10 mm seam allowance inward as shown in picture. Attach one half of the snap button in the middle of the brocade. Finally topstitch the brocade fabric to the pocket piece.

The base piece comprises the grey twill, lining and interface. Note and mark the top fold and center fold lines for later construction.

Center and align the pocket piece in between the top fold line and the center fold line on the grey twill base (with interface attached). Attach the other half of the snap button on this. Topstitch (close to the edge) the lower end of the pocket on the twill base.

Step 2:

With the wrong sides facing and the interface already attached to the grey twill, fold the base in half and sew the zip on the top opening.

Step 3:

Step 3 bag construction

From the sides, sew the font and back together. Fold and hold the two lower ends of the bag flat and sew across these such that on each side there is a triangle sticking out. Fold the triangles under and hand stitches them in place. Do the same for the lining.

Step 4:

Still with the bag turn inside out, slip the bag into the lining piece. Hand stitch to secure the lining top opening to the zip from the inside of the bag.

Step 5:

Turn the bag right side out. Make a fold on the top fold line. This will create a sunken look for the zipped opening. Pin the fold carefully to make sure on the inside, the lining is caught onto the fold as well. Topstitch close to the edge along the top fold line.

Step 6:

For the bag strap, you will need a length of grey twill about 40 mm wide. Fold this as in the picture and topstitch lengthwise to get a firm hold. To complete, attach the strap to the sides of the bag by sewing 2 patches of the same fabric over it.