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Sewing a Leather Bag

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  Sewing a Leather Bag, Craft Project

This is my very first leather craft project. Given the unusual shape and texture, the leather has given me few options apart from adopting a trail and error approach. At the end, it seems that the leather was just enough to fit a small sling bag.


Suede Leather (for bag, bias tape and strap)
Lining Fabric (with some body)

Here's how I did it:

The dimensions of the pieces depend on the size and amount of leather. I constructed the paper patterns first and tried to fit these on the leather to see how I could cut them out. As my leather came with patches of varying textures and shades, it took me numerous attempts to get the right size and cut (something that I didn't think of when I make the purchase!)

Step 1: - sewing leather bag step 1

Cut 2 rectangle base pieces. At the lower ends of these trace 2 right-angled darts. The darts will give the bag the dimension and volume. Do the same for the interfacing and lining. Sew the darts.

Step 2: - sewing leather bag step 2

The flap cover of the bag is made up of 2 leather pieces and one interfacing. Basically these are rectangular in shape with rounded corners at the lower edges (see pictures above). Sew these together and topstitch close to the edges.

Pin the flap cover to the back with a strip of bias tape (cut from the same leather) covering the edges. Topstitch these in place.

Step 3: - sewing leather bag step 3

Sew the back and front together. Cut the strap from the leather. Fold and topstitch this lengthwise. Attached the strap to the sides of the bag at about 20 mm below the top edge and as shown in the picture above.

Step 4: - sewing leather bag step 4

Sew the lining together with the interfacing. With the wrong side facing out, place the lining inside the leather bag. Hands stitch the Velcro strip onto the flap cover and the front of the bag.

Step 5: - sewing leather bag step 5

Attach the lining to the bag by sewing a length of bias tape along the top opening of the bag. With that done, the bag is complete. - sewing leather bag step 6

Happy sewing