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Pink Cosmestic Pouch

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  Pink Cosmestic Pouch, Craft Project

Two years ago, while preparing for a short trip, I searched around for a small pouch to bring along on my trip but couldn't find one that is the right size so I sew one.

I must admit that I got my inspiration from craft books and magazines and the design isn't totally original. However, since my objective was to recycle and made best use of what I have in hand, I did quite a bit of changes in view of limited resources.

Materials & Tools

Main (Outer) fabric - 32 x 22 cm
Inner lining - 32 x 22 cm (I use the same outer layer fabric for this)
Poly Batting - 32 x 22 cm
Bias Tape to match the main Fabric - 1 about 120 cm long,
Bia Tape for strap - 1 about 30 cm long

zip - 21 cm (8")

Sewing machine and hand stitching required.

How I did it

Step 1:

Arrange the top layer, batting and lining on top of each other with the batting layer sandwich in between. Basting is required to hold the three layers together.

Step 2:

using the sewing machine, sew the bias tape around the outer edge so that the three layers are now firmly stitched together. Trim away any excess bias tape. If you are really good at hand stitching, you may do this step using just that method although machine stitches provide generally neater finishes and is faster.

Step 3:

With the lining facing out, fold the longer length of the piece in half. Hand stitch from the sides upward to about 11 cm. You may want to do this a few rounds so the stitches are strong enough to hold whatever content you keep inside the pouch.

Step 4:

Fold and hold the two ends of the pouch for hand stitching. Sew across the bias tape sections while holding on to these such that it forms a triangle when you complete. Fold the triangles under and hand stitch them in place. Attach the zip on the opening. Hand stitch them in place.

Step 5:

To make the strap, fold the bias tape lengthwise and machine stitch along the length. Fold this in half and hand stitch firmly the two ends to the tip of the zip opening.

Turn the piece back through the zip opening with the right side out. Pull the strap out through the tip of the zip to complete. You can keep the strap inside the pouch when packing with luggage.

I have since made quite a few of these as gifts. They are great Christmas presents to make and give