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Denim Bag From Recycle Jean

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  Denim Bag From Recycle Jean, Craft Project

Good denim is hard to find and expensive to purchase. And, I always wonder what to do with jean that are worn out and too old to give away. I have such a pair and thought it was a waste to discard it.

At one time, I was designing a tube bag as a gift and the idea came to me to recycle the fabric of the worn-out jean. The recycle idea has brought me further. I added 2 gold painted paper marche rings (made from newspapers and cardboard) as accessories to complete the theme.

By the way, I have sewn 2 bags from the fabric salvaged from this pair of jean. ;)

Materials and Tools:

Base Piece
40 X 27 cm of top fabric, batting and lining

Side Pieces
2 Circular sections (diameter 12 cm)
- cut out 2 sets of top fabric, batting and lining

straps - (2 pieces) 65 X 5.5 cm - I use the same fabric as the top layer
Matching Bias Strips - (2 pieces) 28 x 4 cm for opening
Matching Bias Strips - (2 pieces) 30 x 5 cm - to be hand stitched flat on the top layers
Matching Bias Strips (for internal, match to lining for sewing the circular sides) - (2 pieces) 40 x 5 cm
Paper Marche Rings painted in gold - 2
Zip - 25 cm long (10")

Mostly machine stitching with some hand stitching required.

How I Sew It:

Step 1:

For the base piece, arrange the top layer, batting and lining on top of each other with the batting layer sandwich in between. Do the same for the 2 circular sides pieces. Basting is required to hold the three layers together.

Step 2:

Sew the strips of matching bias tapes on the shorter sides of the rectangles as shown in the picture.

Step 3:

Attached the matching bias tapes to the gold rings as shown and carefully arrange them on top of the base piece created in Step 2. To secure them temporary, pin these in place or engage basting (if necessary) . Use applique stitches to sew these in place.

Sew the straps and also attach them to the rings. Once this is done, use applique stitches to sew the straps flat and close to the opening.

Step 4:

Holding the piece inside out (keep the strap "inside"), attach the circular ends to the sides by running the bias strips on the edges. Use machine or hand sewing.

Step 5:

Using straight stitches and with the piece still inside out, hand sewn the zip onto the opening.

Turn the piece back through the zip opening with the right side out to complete the project.

Happy sewing