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Sew an Embroidered Evening Bag

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  Sew an Embroidered Evening Bag, Craft Project

I have my fair share of disasters when it comes to sewing. When that happens, the remains plus whatever strands of ambition that went into it get a good burial in my stash, that is, until the next cleanout.

This piece comes with materials salvaged from a mistake committed two years ago. The corduroy that made this bag was cut from the back of what was supposed to be a lady's jacket. The bag strap was from the sleeve. With some luck, the dark shade provides pretty good coverage for the seam marks located on the strap and the back. The embroidery was added to create an evening look to otherwise, a rather solemn looking piece.


- Dark Navy Blue Corduroy (enough for bag, back pocket, bias tape for opening, strap and strap patches)
- Lining Fabric (front and back)
- Two Zips (back pocket and top opening)
- Batting (front and back)


Did not have one initially, the finished bag from the leftover fabric measured about 23 x 26 cm (10 x 9 inch). Depending on how much fabric you have, you can do a rough estimate and made one in another size as it is not difficult to alter the size without changing the technique.

How I make it:

Step 1:

Sew an embroidered evening bag Step 1 -

Cut the front and back pieces in trapezium (or quadrilateral) as shown in the picture above. The broader sides would be folded in later and the finished piece will actually looks more rectangular. Do the same for the batting and lining.

Step: 2

Sew an embroidered evening bag Step 2 -

Sew an embroidered evening bag Step 2 -

To construct the pocket, cut out a piece from the corduroy that will fit the mid section at the back of the bag. Sew the pocket zip on one side of this piece. With the alignment in place and the wrong side of the pocket piece flipped up, sew the under side of the zip to the back piece. When you are done with the pocket opening, fold the pocket downward and pin this on the back piece to get the alignment of the pocket nicely in place. Topstitch close to the edge on the lower end of the pocket.

Step 3:

Sew an embroidered evening bag Step 3 -

With the wrong sides facing and the batting already attached to the corduroy, from the sides, sew the font and back together. Fold and hold the two lower ends of the bag flat and sew across these such that on each side there is a triangle sticking out. Fold the triangles under and hand stitches them in place. When this is done, the shape is now more rectangular. Do the same for the lining.

Step 4:

Sew an embroidered evening bag Step 4 -

Sew an embroidered evening bag Step 5 -

Turn the bag right side out and place the lining piece inside the bag. To attach the lining to the bag, fold the bias tape lengthwise and sew this onto the opening.

Step 5:

Sew an embroidered evening bag Step 6b -

Sew an embroidered evening bag Step 6 -

For the bag strap, you will need a length of corduroy about 40 mm wide. Fold this as in the picture and topstitch lengthwise to get a firm hold. Attach the strap to the sides of the bag by sewing 2 patches of the same fabric over it.

Step 6:

Sew an embroidered evening bag Step 7 -

To attach the zip to the main opening, turn the bag inside out and hand stitch the zip on it. To complete, turn the bag right side out through the zip opening.

Happy sewing