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Sew a Pencil Case or Pouch

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Sew a Pencil Case or Pouch, Craft Project

  A fun and easy-to-make sewing project that can be finished within the hour. I recently made one for my niece and another for a friend's sister for Christmas.


- Any types of cotton. (19 x 23 cm)
- Lining fabric include some extra for bias tapes about 20 cm long and 3 cm wide
- 21 cm long zip for opening
- Batting


The finished case measured about 9 x 21 cm. 1 cm seam allowance.

How I did it:

Step 1:

Employ basting stitches to hold the cotton, batting and lining fabric together. Mark the fold lines and note that when folded the zip opening is centered.

Step 2:

Finish off the edges of the sides where the zip is to be located later. You can use zigzag stitches on the sewing machine or finishing stitches from a serger to do this. When this is done fold in the seam allowances and topstitch close to the edges lengthwise.

Turn the piece inside out and fold the piece as show in the picture. Run a line of stitches at both ends to keep the folds in place. Attach the bias tape over these to cover the raw edges.

Step 3:

Hand stitch the zip over the opening. Turn the case right side out through the zipped opening to complete.

Happy sewing