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Messenger Bag – A Simple Project

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  Messenger Bag – A Simple Project, Craft Project

This is somewhat an interesting project as the patchwork was created for another. With simply not enough matching blocks for a queen size bed cover, the work-in-progress has to be taken apart. While a placement mat would have been the obvious choice to work on, the bag idea seemed to stick. I thought the patterns would make an interesting combination with some matching denim.


Patchwork fabric or any other fabric with interesting prints (65 x 28 cm)
Batting (same size as the front fabric) and for bag strap
– for two side panels (46 x 8 cm when fold in half 23 x 8 cm);
- bag strap (9 cm wide, finished width 4 cm, any desired length);
- bias tape (4 cm wide, for attaching the pieces together)
Lining fabric – same size as the patchwork
Velcro Tapes – for bag closure

Dimensions: 26 x 8 x 28 cm

How I did it:

Step 1:

Sewing messenger bag, Step 1

Cut out the front fabric in patchworks or in the fabric of your choice. Do the same for the lining and batting.

The fold line that marks the flap cover is about 13.5 cm from the top. The width of the bottom is the same as the side panels. The lower ends of the side panels should be rounded.

Step 2:

Sewing messenger bag, Step 2

Employ basting to hold the font fabric, batting and lining together. Finish the edges with zigzag stitches or use the serger to do the same before attaching the bias tapes. Pin the side panels to this base piece. Attach the bias tape around it as shown in the picture. Sew the Velcro tape on the flap and the front of the bag.

Step 3:

Sewing messenger bag, Step 3

There are many ways to sew the bag strap. One of the methods is to cut out the bag strap together with batting and sew it folded. Flatten the straps with two lines of top stitches sewn close to the edges lengthwise.

Sewing messenger bag, Step 4

To finish off, sew the strap to the sides of the bag in the manner as show in the pictures.

Happy sewing