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Two Sides Wristlet – An Easy Project

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  Two Sides Wristlet – An Easy Project., Craft Project

I came across a similar wristlet in a retail outlet. It comes with 2 identical sides just like having 2 pouches sewn together as one. The band or strap is attached to the zippers' heads on both sides. It looks nice but is a bit small for all the stuff that I would like to keep in it.

My version is larger and instead of having 2 identical sides formed by 2 separate pouches sewn together, I replace one of these with a pocket that filled up a side. Also, the zipped opening on the other side of this wristlet is aligned differently from the retail version. I think it creates a rather interesting symmetrical pattern using contrasting colored zippers. Also, it is not as bulky as the one in store.


- Front Fabric in denim (I use embroidered denim for this particular piece)
- Lining fabric (include some for bias tape)
- Batting.
- 2 strong zippers (same length as the wristlet width) with a hole in each zipper head large enough to string the strap through.

You can make this in any size without altering the construction method. Hence, let your creativity and imagination take over.

Step 1:

Sew Two sides wristlet Step 1 on

Cut out the front fabric, lining and batting as shown in the picture. Mark the fold lines in the ratios of 1:2:1 on this piece. Also cut out the pocket piece the size same as the mid section of the base piece. The pocket piece does not require any lining.

Employ basting stitches to hold the layers of front fabric, batting and lining together.

Step 2:

Sew Two sides wristlet Step 2 on

On the top section of the pocket, fold a seam allowance of 10 mm, align the zip on this and top stitch it in place.

Step 3:

Sew Two sides wristlet Step 3 on

Align the pocket piece on the base. Make sure that the lower end of the pocket seats on the lower fold line. Flip it over and sew the underside of the pocket zip to the base.

Step 4:

Sew Two sides wristlet Step 4 on

Run a length of top stitches close to the edge on the lower end of the pocket to attach it to the base.

Step 5:

Sew Two sides wristlet Step 5 on

To prepare the bag opening, provide 10 mm seam allowance on each sides and fold these inwards. Pin and topstitch close to the edges to get a firm hold on the edges.

Fold both end of the base together on the fold lines such that the opening of the bag is centered in the middle. Have the piece turned inside out, pin and hand stitch the zip on the opening.

Attach the bias tape over the open ends to cover the raw edges. Turn the bag inside out through the zipper to complete the bag.

Step 6:

The strap has a width of 7.5 mm. To construct the strap, fold it like you would for bias tape and topstitch lengthwise on both sides. Loop the ends through the zippers' holes and sew these in place to complete the project.