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Paisley Prints Bag

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Paisley Prints Bag, Craft Project
This is a simple bag that can be sewn in less than two hours. It is a perfect project for remnant fabric buried in my stash.


- Matching paisley prints fabrics in contrasting colors (include extra for straps, bias tapes and patches for strap attachments)
- Four “D” Rings
- Zipper for bag openings
- Batting
- Lining Fabric


Depending on the amount of leftover fabrics, I have done this bag in many different sizes. One can alter the size without affecting the construction of the bag. Hence, I would leave the dimensions to creative initiative.

How I do it:

Step 1:

Paisley prints bag Step 1 on

For the body of the bag, cut out the sections measured in the ratios as shown in the picture. Sew the pieces together with the darker prints in the mid section. Mark out the patches where the “D” rings are for later construction.

Using this piece as a gauge, cut the batting and lining fabric in the same size. Basting is required to hold the three layers together.

Step 2:

Paisley prints bag Step 2 on

Cut out the bias tape from the darker paisley prints. Sew and attach the bias tape around the edges of the base prepared in Step 1.

Step 3:

Paisley prints bag Step 3 on

With the lining facing out, fold the longer length of the piece in half. Hand stitch from the sides upward. You may want to do this a few rounds so the stitches are strong enough to hold whatever content you keep inside the bag.

Fold and hold the two ends of the pouch for hand stitching. Sew across the bias tape sections while holding on to these such that it forms a triangle when you complete. Fold the triangles under and hands stitch them in place. Attach the zip on the opening. Hands stitch them in place. Turn the piece right side out.

Step 4:

Paisley prints bag Step 4 on

Fold the straps for the “D” rings to form loops through them. Pin these loops onto the base piece and make sure these are aligned on the marks for the patches (see Step 1). Pin the arrangements in place with the patches over them as you would need to top stitch the pieces together. Do this as shown in the pictures.

Step 5:

Paisley prints bag Step 5 on

There are many ways to sew the bag strap. One of the methods is to cut out the bag strap together with batting and sew it folded. Flatten the straps with two lines of top stitches sewn close to the edges lengthwise. Loop the ends of the straps through the “D” rings and hands stitch them as shown in the picture to complete the project.

Happy Sewing!