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Sew a Travel Wallet

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Sew a Travel Wallet, Craft Project
I look forward to all my holidays and love planning for them. One of the little things I love doing in order to remember the trip by, is to make a memento for each holiday and that usually involve making a travel wallet, purse or pouch.

The travel wallet in this project is so versatile that I can combine almost any patterns of fabric in my stash to make it.


The wallet contains a dollar notes flap/slot, a coin pouch with zip opening and credit card slots.


Base - 2 rectangular pieces, 1 batting piece (each 120 x 190 mm)

Notes Slot – 1 rectangular piece (105 x 170 mm)

Right coin pouch – 1 zip (4” or 105 mm long) and 1 rectangular piece (105 x 70 mm)

Left Card Slots – 2 rectangular pieces ( 105 x 80 mm, 80 x 80 mm)

Velcro Tape – Cut to size (5 x 55 mm)

Bias Tape – about 500 mm in length

How I Sew It:

Step 1:

Step 1 of Sewing Travel Wallet

We start by constructing the inner compartments and slots on the inside of the wallet. Start with the left section that takes up 2 credit cards slots; one of which is hidden beneath the other.

The smaller piece (80 x 80 mm) has a slot opening from the top. So when you slide the card in you can still see part of the card sticking out. On this piece sew a strip of bias tape on one end. Place this piece on top of the other (105 x 80 mm) and sew the 2 pieces together with the bias tape on the side. Trim away the excess tape.

Step 2:

Step 2 of Sewing Travel Wallet

For the coin pouch on the right, sew (on one side) the zip on a side of the piece that measured 105 x 70 mm with a seam allowance of 10 mm. Topstitching the attachment to the zip will keep the piece flat and neaten the edge. Attach the other side of the zip to the piece that measured 105 x 170 mm (that eventually forms the notes slot when done) just like it is shown in the picture. Make sure the coin pouch stays neatly within the edge of the bigger piece.

Step 3:

Step 3 of Sewing Travel Wallet

Pin both left (Step 1) and right (Step 2) sections neatly on the piece that forms the notes slot. Attached the 3 sections together by sewing a length of bias strip along part of the edges of the bigger piece depicted in the image above.

Step 4:

Step 4 of Sewing Travel Wallet

Sandwich the batting in between the base pieces. Employ basting to keep these in place. Lay and pin the part of the project completed in Step 3 onto the base. Sew the bias tape around the edges of the base to hold all the sections together.

Complete the project by hand stitching the Velcro pieces on the sides as shown in the picture.

Happy Sewing