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How to Make Purse Handles from Recycled Leather

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How to made Leather Handles for Purses and Handbags

One of best ways to recycle the leather from garments, accessories and even furniture is to reuse them in your craft projects. I think the leather straps for this project were originally from an armchair. When it was passed to me, the piece looked like it has been torn off from another. In this picture the leather purse handles or straps were sewn onto a crocheted tote.

Sew Your Own Leather Purse Handles  


- Preferably Sewing Needle and Thread for leather. I used a size 16 needle on my Singer but normal sewing thread. I have to run through the stitches twice because of that.
- Pieces of leather
- A strand of strong cord/string
- Craft glue

How to make the leather straps for the purse?

Cut the leather into 2 strips of desired lengths with a width of approx. 1.5 inches wide.

Cut the cord to a length that is shorter than the leather strap by 4 inches. You need 2 of these.

Stick the cord onto the wrong side of the leather strap with the glue. Position the cord at the center. It should start and end at 2 inches from the edges at both ends of the leather strap.

Step 1 to Sewing Leather Straps for Purse Handles

Fold and stitch the leather in half lengthwise. Stitches should start and end at 2 inches from the edges at both ends.

Step 2 to Sewing Leather Purse Handles

Flatten the ends into triangles. Use the glue to position them onto the purse. To secure and attach the handle to the purse, stitch at about 5mm around the edges of the triangles.

Step 3 Sew and Attach the Leather Purse Handles to the Bag or Purse

This is the easiest way to recycle leather for purse handle.