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Sew a Luggage Tag

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Sew a Luggage Tag, Craft Project
Traveling with family and friends on holidays can be a lot of fun but it also takes up a lot of time organizing and planning. The few luggage bags we own come with personal information tags that are either hidden in some obscure compartments or are simply unnoticeable. The ones dispense by the airline stuff consist of pieces of paper where you write on but does nothing to keep your personal information from prying eyes. Besides, it is also a chore to identify your bag from a sea of black luggage at a crowded airport where they all look the same.

A luggage tag with a flap cover keeps personal information private. It also acts as an identifier for your luggage. It is a simple project and I very much employed the technique of sewing the wallet for this.


D Ring
Magnetic Snap Button (small)
Denim or any leftover furnishing fabric will be ideal (180 x 75 mm, 2 pieces)
Strap (35 x 60 mm, in same fabric)
Band to hold the strap (75 x 35 mm)
Interfacing (1 piece, 180 x 75 mm)
Bias Tape
Plastic sheet (75 x 75 mm)

How I sew it:

Step 1:

Sew Luggage Tag Step 1

Cut out the top layer, inside piece and the interfacing in the same size. Employed basting or pin the pieces to together. Rounded off the corners.

Step 2:

Sew Luggage Tag Step 2

Cut out the plastic sheet. This is a good time to recycle the materials from toy packages. This particular piece, I took from the cover of the box that held Barbie. Attach the female half of the snap button on the pocket piece. Sew the pocket piece onto the plastic as it is shown in the picture. Round off the corners that are to be sewn together with the others.

Step 3:

Sew Luggage Tag Step 3

Sew Luggage Tag Step 3

Fold the strap for the D ring. Pin this onto the back piece. Fold and place the band over the strap. Pin the arrangement in place as you would need to top stitch the pieces together. Do this as shown in the pictures.

Step 4:

Sew Luggage Tag Step 4

Attach the male half of the button to the inside piece. The alignments of both half of the button are shown in the picture. Arrange the plastic pocket on the lower half of the base and sew a round of bias tape over the edges to complete.

It is a fairly simple sewing project but a useful one. Have fun sewing