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Fitted Table Cover Storage - A Crafter's Solution

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Fitted Table Cover Storage - A Crafter's Solution, Craft Project
I used to keep my stash in an extra cupboard but it soon became too small for my growing collections of fabrics and craft books. As I was forced to reorganize my crafting space which I shared with my husband's 2 bicycles, I have to come up with a system that will keep everything neat and tidy but within easy reach.

Having an old dining table and an equally aged computer desk in the craft room means I have a lot of worktop space but limited storage space. So the best way to go about it is to store my supplies under the tables. I thought of simply throwing a cover over the table. But this is not ideal as things get shifted and most table clothes are not long enough.

Think of this project as creating a fitted cap for your table with a flowing veil attached to it. The purpose of the fitted ‘cap' is of course to keep the cover from shifting and falling off the table. The veil section is form by 4 pleated corners.


Curtain fabric (with some body and drapes well) – quantity depends on the size of your table
Velcro tapes (1 or 2 strips about 150 mm long)

How I Make it:

Sew a Table Storage Cover

1. Measure your table's length, width and height. I use 15 mm for seam allowance and 50 mm for hem. The pieces you need to cut are:

- 1 rectangle piece for top
- 2 side panels for cap
- 1 back panel for cap
- 2 front panels ( each when placed in front should overlap to form the opening, refer to picture)
- 1 large panel piece for veil such that it covers around the circumference of the table top with pleats allowances thrown in.

2. Carefully measured and pin the pleats for the corners. Sew and attach the veil to the lower edges of the cap.

Sew and construct pleats

3. Sew 1 Velcro strip on the front of the cap panels that overlapped to form the openings. If you have a tall table, you may want to consider adding another strip of Velcro below, about 25 mm apart from the first Velcro strip. Do not sew velcro tapes for the entire opening.

4. Top-stitched both sides of the openings from the top down to the hem. The fold-in is about 67 mm on each side. Fold and sew the hem. Sew and attached the top to complete the project.

Happy sewing!