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Loom Beading for Beginners

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How to do Basic Loom Beading

The instructions are for beading on a small loom. The instructions are originally in Japanese but basically the pictures are enough to explain the entire process to the completion of a simple bracelet such as the Chart Checks Bracelet and the Loom Beading Watch strap in our earlier articles. This tutorial is in English.

Step 1: Setting up the loom

Prepare to do loom beading Step 1 {loadposition inContentTxt}

There are two rollers at both ends that must be tighten to fix the positions of the center screws. Once the rollers are fixed, use a small piece of masking tape to secure the loose end of the beading string to one end of the loom. Wind the beading string around the screws at the center of the rollers.

Preparing the beading loom Step 2

Bring the loom beading string through the dividers to the other end of the beading loom and wind it tightly around the screw at that end. Bring the thread back to this end through another section of the divider and secure it around the screw again. Make sure the different lengths of the beading string do not stick together and stay separately on the dividers. Repeat until you have the count of the number of beads plus one. For example, if there are supposed to be 10 beads on a row, there should be 11 lengths of the string going to and fro through the dividers.

Securing the beading string on the loom Step 3

With the required strands, secure the last part of the loom beading string with masking tape and cut off the rest to save the excess string.

Step 2 - Start Loom Beading

Starting the first row of beads on the loom

Tie a knot on the string on the leftmost strand of the loom with a new length of beading thread on a needle.

How to secure the beads on the loom

Using the needle, string the required number of beads to form a row on the loom. Bring this strand of beads to the rightmost side of the loom from below all the strands on the beading loom. The strands that run through the dividers should separate the beads like the way it is shown in the picture. Hold and push the beads up from under the strands on the dividers. Run the needle with the string on it through the row of beads from right to left. While doing so make sure the needle stay above the strands on the loom while it is inside the beads such that none of the beads could come loose. Repeat until the required length or the number of horizontal rows is achieved.

Last row on the beading loom

At the end of the last row, tie a knot as shown here. To hide the loose end, run the needle to the middle bead on the last row and cut off the excess loom beading string.

Step 3: Finishing Touch

Finishing up the loom beading project

Loosen the rollers on the beading loom to remove the piece. Secure some masking tapes at the beginning and ending rows of the project to keep the beads from shifting for your next task. Carefully pull the strands vertically through the rows starting from the center vertical position as shown in the picture. It will take various back and forth steps to remove all the loose loops.

Hide the loose ends  for the loom beading projects

When the loops are removed, the rows at the edges should be secured. There will be quite a bit of excess string at the corners. Cut the excesses of, tie the knots and hide the loose ends at the mid section as in Step 2.

These basic loom beading instructions can be used to create projects like the Chart Checks Bracelet and the Loom Beading Watch strap. The pattern charts like the ones used in these projects are available for download.