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Bracelet Watch - A Loom Beading Project

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Check out the patterns for loom beading.

Bracelet Watch - A Loom Beading Project, Craft Project
I have a couple of old watches that are still running fine. The problem is their straps are torn or broken. I could have just replaced the straps except that these are souvenir watches with colorful designs and it is hard to find straps that could match the watch face.

While shopping for craft supplies, I saw how the shop uses magnetic clasps on beading projects for ladies bracelet watches. It gave me an idea for this project.

For comforts, I have chosen loom beading for the strap section using seed beads of 10 in a row. Just the right size for the watch strap. For attachment to the clasp, I employed bead tips. For a good fit, measurement will have to be relatively precise. This also means that the length of the bead tips, the clasp, the strap sections and the width of the watch face will have to be accounted for.

It is interesting to note that the clasp I found is not only magnetic but comes with a lock-in closure that acts as safety catch so that both sides of the strap stay together.

Loom Beading Project - Bracelet Watch

Loom Beading Project - Bracelet Watch

I love the look and feel of the watch when I have it on. I am still new to loom beading and have recently acquired a bigger loom. Can't wait to find out what else I could do with it!


The attachment of the beaded strap to the watch is a bit tricky. Nylon beading thread is used in this case. This is the same thread used for loom beading which is how the watch strap is created. The type of nylon thread used in this case is thin enough to go through a sead bead a few rounds and yet strong enough to withstand breakage.

Used beading needle to go through the first bead on the strap with the nylon thread and then make a turn through the strap bar of the watch. Repeat this about 5 times until the bead on the other end is reached. You will have to secure the thread first before you start and after when it is done to hide the ends. The tricky part is that the needle may not be able to go through the hole between the strap bar and the watch face, so you may have to remove the needle and just use the thread to do this and rethread the needle for the bead each time. I know this sound tedious. In this project I use a normal watch but there are watches sold by craft stores that are designed for beading projects which would not come under this category.