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Blooming Pearls Bracelet

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Blooming Pearls Bracelet, Craft Project
This delicately designed piece is contributed by my friend, Esther. It would make a piece of beautiful bridal jewellery. The following is her contribution:

Materials :

- 30 Pearl Beads 6mm
- 440 Pearl Beads 4mm (recycled from pearl embroidery of evening wear can be substituted with seed beads)
- Silver Clasp with Pearl Inlay
- Beading String 70cm

How I Did It :

Step 1 :

Loop the beading string through the clasp to start. Ensure equal lengths of string for better weaving control. Thread each end of the beading string through the first 6mm bead in opposite direction. Thread the remaining 6mm beads following the pattern shown. For beginner bead weavers, thread the beads using one end first to avoid confusion. Repeat in opposite direction with the other end. Pull the string tight to form the first flower pattern.

Step 2 :

Next, string through 10 beads (4mm) to form a small circle as the centre for the 2nd flower pattern with end A. String end B through the first 2 beads and pull to secure the circle. String 20 beads to form the first petal and thread through the 2 beads at the base to secure the petal shape. Repeat the process to form the 2nd and 3rd petals with one end of the thread. Take other end to form the remaining 2 petals until all 5 petals are completed.

Step 3 :

Repeat sequence of bead weaving in Step 1 & 2 until desired bracelet length is achieved. Take note to alternate the petal formation (3 and 2, followed by 2 & 3 when forming the 2nd larger flower pattern)

To complete the project, string through the free end of the clasp twice, pull lightly and secure the ends by tying a double-knot. Back thread the ends of the knot through a few beads and cut away excess beading string.