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Smoky Quartz and Swarovski Crystal Beads Earrings

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Smoky Quartz and Swarovski Crystal Beads Earrings, Craft Project

2 smoky quartz beads for focus
some copper coloured seed beads
8 4mm copper coloured Swarovski crystal beads
6 pieces of 22-guage wire with simple loop at both ends (each piece is about 40 mm long )
2 earring hoops as shown in picture.

Flush Cutter
Round-nose plier

How it is Done

1. Use the round nose plier to create a single loop on just one end of each wire piece.

2. String 5 seed beads, 1 crystal bead and another 5 seed beads into each wire piece and close the other end with a loop. Repeat the process and make another three of this.

3. For the remaining 2 wire pieces, string each one indivdually with first a crystal bead, a smorky quartz bead and finally another crystal bead. Close the end with a loop.

4. Link the loops of the seed beads pieces with the quartz bead wire such that on both ends of the quartz bead wire holds the seed beads pieces that you have created in (2). Twist but don't pull the ends of the loops apart or it might break.

5. Finally connect the 2 loops on the free ends to the earring hoops forming the triangular piece as shown in the main picture.