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Paya Beads Necklace

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Paya Beads Necklace, Craft Project

In September, I was on a short holiday to Tioman, a resort island off the coast of West Malaysia. There was a gift shop in the resort that I stayed which sells beautiful ethnic styled jewellery. Beautifully intricate in designs, these were created mostly in wooden beads of all shapes, colors and designs.

I named this necklace: "Paya Beads Necklace", after the village I stayed in Tioman.


Copper-colored seed beads
23 Matching painted, wooden beads (15 x 7 mm)
46 Matching bicone beads (5 mm)
Beading string
Toggle Clasp.

How I did it:

It is a very easy project. The original idea was to create a long necklace so that one could either wear it long or folded in multiple strands around the neck.

String about 10 seed beads to create a length of about 15 mm. Add a bicone bead, a wooden bead followed by another bicone bead to the strand. When all the beads are added, attach the ends to the clasp.

Hope you like the project.