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Smoky Quartz Beads Necklace

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Smoky Quartz Beads Necklace, Craft Project

"Brown is the new black!", a friend confided. "So if you want to look fashionable, go chocolate!" This project is for this trendy friend of mine.


- 32 Smoky Quartz Beads
- Smoky Quartz Focus Bead for Pendant (Diamond or Star Shaped)
- Seed Beads
- Toggle Clasp
- 2 bead tips

How I Did It:

Step 1:

To prepare the pendant piece, some bead weaving is required. Using the technique shown in the image above, string the beads upwards from A to B employing 13 seed beads. This part of the process is depicted by the red string. The back string that starts from B, through the back of the pendant and back through A will form a loop that holds the pendant in place.

Step 2:

Next, string 4 seed beads to one quartz bead until the 16th quartz bead. String in another 2 seed beads and attach the pendant piece to the necklace by placing the string through the seed bead marked C. For the next half of the necklace, continue with 2 seed beads followed by the sequence of one quartz bead to 4 seed beads.

Step 3:

To complete the project, employed a bead tip at each end of the necklace for attachment to the clasp.

Happy Beading!