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Heart Beads Lariat Necklace

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Heart Beads Lariat Necklace, Craft Project

Every beading project I did end up looking different from expectations. Some are total disasters while others are pleasant surprises. Even until now I was never consistent in the beading craft, having spent only a couple of hours here and there trying to experiment with colors and beads. However, once a while when I did come up with something nice like a necklace or a pair of earrings, I felt I am totally recharged from the experience.


- 30 heart-shaped pink beads
- Focus bead (lampwork bead is ideal)
- Seed Beads
- 30 pieces of 22-guage wire with simple loop at both ends (each piece is about 25 mm long)
- Toggle Clasp

How it is Done:

1. Use the round nose plier to create a single loop on just one end of each of the wire pieces.

2. String the wire pieces with 2 seed beads, one pink heart bead and 2 more seed beads. Close the end with a loop. Make sure the loop closure is tight enough to hold the beads in place. Trim away excess length. Repeat this 13 times, linking each looped end of the strung wire with one another so that you have a length made up of 13 strung wire pieces all linked-up for the first half of the necklace. When you are done, repeat this step one more time for the second half of the necklace.

3. To make the lariat extension, with a loop at one end, places a piece of the wire through the focus bead and closes the end with a loop. Using the technique in step 2, make two set of dangles comprising each of 2 linked and strung wires. Attach the ends of these to the looped end of the focus bead. Attach the 2 half of the necklace (constructed in Step 2) to the focus bead.

4. Carefully attach both ends of the necklace to the toggle clasp to complete the lariat necklace.

Have fun with your beading project.