Random Instantiation Without Overlapping with Unity3D

The most vital data come from the State. They include indicators of the economies and general citizen well-being. Where we stay, the sizes of our homes, how much we earn and what we can afford. From state spending to urban renewal, the governance determines the quality of data but also their access. The CSV file contains a table of land data distributed around 23 residential towns for the period of 2008 to 2016.  The original csv file can be downloaded from Singapore’s Data.gov.sg

Purpose of Analysis:

  • Find out if overall land areas and residential land areas in the 3 northern towns have gone through any significant fluctuation in supply.
  • Find the comparative, average yearly land holding among the 23 towns.
  • Find the comparative percentages of land area holding among the 3 northern towns and determine the largest town among the 3.

The steps and Python code comments used in this analysis explained the approach, as presented in the following Jupyter’s html.

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